How Can Fundraising Consulting Help Us Raise Money?

There are literally hundreds of different Christian fundraising ideas for youth that you can pursue to raise more funds for your school or sports organization. It has been well documented that many schools are strapped for cash in this struggling economy, but there are campaigns you can run this year to help your school or organization get through the tough times.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

One of the most popular fundraisers of all time golf tournament fundraiser ideas is cookie dough fundraisers. Most people like cookies, so the cookie dough fundraiser appeals to just about everyone. You could sell cookies through your school, church, sports organization, or any other organization. All youth love cookies, so they will be motivated to sell this product!

Church Scratch Card Fundraiser

Scratch card fundraisers are great because they are easy to understand. A group of people participating in the fundraiser is each given a scratch card that has 50 dots you can scratch. You pick two dots out of the 50 dots and scratch them off. The dollar amounts on the dots you scratch off are the amount you donate. Donors that participate will get coupons to many national merchants that are worth much more than what they paid for the fundraiser card.

Coupon Discount Cards

One of the most popular Christian fundraising ideas for youth today is coupon discount cards. Most people aren’t going to buy a booklet full of coupons today. The discount card is awesome because you can get a big discount on purchases you make at major retailers across the United States.

Retailers will give you up to a 50% discount on purchases at up to 100,000 major retailers like Gamestop, Target, and Wal-Mart, and Hardee’s. These cards sell well because everyone shops at the retailers included in the program. This is one of the best Christian fundraising ideas for youth.

Car Wash Fundraisers

This is one of the easiest fundraisers because everyone is familiar with this concept. Every Saturday morning during the spring and summer months, there are many groups that are running car wash fundraisers supporting various causes. People are already programmed to know that a car wash equals fundraiser. Many people will support a cause like this simply because they are too lazy to wash their own car!

Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook fundraising is exploding in popularity today. There are various spins on this idea, but it starts with your organization having a Facebook page. There are bag garden fundraisers where you sell products for your garden. Many of the popular fundraisers that you find in the offline fundraising world can be promoted through Facebook too. Even if you aren’t running your fundraising campaign through Facebook, you can use Facebook to help promote and remind people about fundraising programs.